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A Snowy Paradise: 10 Activities for a Kashmir Winter Wonderland

A Snowy Paradise: 10 Activities for a Kashmir Winter Wonderland

In the winter, everything from houses to mountains and trees to lakes of Kashmir undergo a huge transformation. Blankets of snow cover everything, a cold breeze blows, and you get to see so many amazing visuals no matter which side you look.

There is also no shortage of activities you can enjoy in this winter wonderland. Especially Gulmarg which is a place where you can ski, ice skate, and attend the Gulmarg snow festival to make this trip more memorable.

So, if you wish to make your trip to this snowy paradise unforgettable, to immerse yourself in the Kashmiri culture and winter festivities to the fullest, you need to learn more about the different activities that you can try out while you are there.

  1. Skiing
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Gulmarg is one of the most scenic spots in Kashmir. Among the large number of snow activities and experiences that you can have here, skiing is at the top of the list.

You can head to the Apharwat mountain which is an ideal skiing location with its slopes that favor both newbies and expert skiers. The best part is that you don’t even need to carry your skiing tools. You can simply rent from various ski rental shops that are right around the corner. 

Skiing down the sheets of snow while looking at the surrounding snow-capped mountains and valleys gives you an immense sense of pleasure and freedom that stays with you for a long time.

  1. Trekking
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Another fun activity to try in this winter wonderland is the trekking to the Alpather Lake which is a truly magnificent sight to behold. The trekking tracks are well-marked and you get to witness so many picturesque visuals along the way.

So, if you wish to enjoy the beauty of this snowy paradise to the fullest, you must consider trekking since it allows you to closely experience what winter in Kashmir is all about.    

  1. Gondola Ride
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If you wish to enjoy the jaw-dropping aesthetics of this valley from atop the world, you can go for a Gondola Ride. As you ascend in the Gondola, you witness the breathtaking mountains in their shimmering white coats and trees wearing their frosted crowns.

Gondola rides can be a little expensive but you can trust us when we tell you that they are worth every penny. These rides give you a very unique and enchanting view of this valley that leaves you breathless and you are not able to take your eyes off of it throughout the ride. 

  1. Golfing
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Golfing in Gulmarg is an activity that you must try at least once. The amazing backdrop of snow-capped Himalayas and crisp mountain air filling your lungs while you strive for that hole-in-one gives you a sense of adventure and wonder.

As you traverse the well-maintained golf course and look around, you get to immerse yourself in the serene beauty of your surrounding peaks and towering pine trees covered in snow. 

  1. Temple Visits
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If you are more into spirituality and art, then you can visit many temples and churches in this region. These establishments like everything else are also covered in snow blankets in the winter which only increases their spirituality and ambiance.

You can start with a visit to the Shiv temple to experience serenity and peace and then move on to St. Mary’s Church. From there you can travel to the shrine of Baba Reshi where snow-draped trees and surroundings blend well to create a very mystical ambiance.

You can conclude this trip with a visit to the Rani temple where you can enjoy gently falling snowflakes and a calming winter breeze that refreshes your senses and elevates your soul. 

  1. Pony Ride
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Another fun activity to try in Kashmir’s top Instagrammable locations is pony riding. You can hop on a sturdy Kashmiri pony and feel its thick coat and surefootedness while it takes you through snow-draped landscapes.

The hooves of the pony create a breathtaking symphony when they come into contact with soft and crunchy snow. This ride is filled with ethereal whiteness and the visuals you get to see during this time are really out of this world.     

  1. Ice Skating
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The winter wonderland of Kashmir is also a blessing for the ice-skating enthusiasts. In this season, the lakes and open spaces of this region freeze and transform into natural skating rinks.

As the snowflakes fall gently on your face while you skate slowly, you get a feeling that you are living a fairytale.   

  1. A Visit to the Frozen Drung Waterfall
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If you are searching for the top destination to explore in Autumn in Kashmir, then a trip to the frozen Drung waterfall in Gulmarg is a must. When you trek through this snowy paradise and finally reach this magnificent site you cannot help but stand in awe for hours to stare at this rare marvel of nature.

It is a perfect destination for photographers, trekkers, nature lovers, and every tourist who wishes to make the most of their visit to this enchanting valley.

  1. Gulmarg Snow Festival

While you’re staying in Gulmarg, you can also take part in the annual snow festival. You can ski, snowboard, ice skate, and engage in snowball fights with your family and friends.

This festival brings with it a lot of fun activities and local cuisines that you can try out. The Gulmarg snow festival is your place to be if you wish to enjoy your trip to Kashmir to the fullest and experience the culture and heritage of this region up close.     

  1. Photography

Kashmir in winter is a dream destination for photographers. The falling snowflakes, the colors of the sky, and the slight wind turn this place into a real-life, large-sized snow globe that you used to see in the movies.

The majestic landscape of Kashmir when combined with snow allows you to channel your inner photographer and capture images that contain the true essence of this winter wonderland.


Kashmir is a place where there is no shortage of breathtaking visuals for you to enjoy and places to explore. Particularly the winter season here is quite amazing where snow is seen in every nook and cranny which also brings with it a variety of activities and festivals for you to enjoy with your loved ones.

No matter whether you are a fan of skiing, trekking, ice skating, etc., or you are just a lover of snowy spectacles and photography, you can do all of these activities here. One thing is for sure, visiting this place in the winter is an experience that you are not going to forget anytime soon. 

So, grab your winter gear and head to this snowy paradise to have the best winter vacation ever.

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