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5 of Kashmir’s Most Instagrammable Locations

5 of Kashmir's Most Instagrammable Locations

Well well well, to pick only five locations from a valley that looks like paradise on earth it might be a little ridiculous from our side but somebody had to do it.

The world together has made Instagram the second most widely used social media platform and honestly, who doesn’t love Instagram?

From reels to posts, we’re always looking for something new to share with the world. 

In case you ever decide to visit Kashmir, plan your visits. It’ll save you time and give you better pictures.

So here we are, with a list of the five most instagrammable locations in Kashmir. Starting with the famous

  1. Pahalgam: Pahalgam is just perfect for nature and photography addicts, you’ll get more than a dozen of perfect pictures at Pahalgam. The ambiance, fresh air, mountains, cold gushing water from the river, horses, meadows everything is spectacular and worth all the miles it takes for you to get there. A one-day trip won’t be that satisfactory, we suggest you visit and stay for a couple of days.
Pahalgam, Kashmir
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Sonamarg, Kashmir
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3. Aharbal: The untouched natural beauty of this part of the earth is remarkable. Trekking, vlogging, photography, and fishing -You can do all of that at Aharbal. The waterfall at Aharbal is also called the “Niagara Waterfall of Kashmir”. It is one of the most beautiful places we have in Kashmir yet not much filmed or photographed by contemporary photographers and videographers. You can actually produce some cool stuff for your Instagram at Aharbal waterfall. Give it a try this season.

Aharbal, Kashmir
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4. Gulmarg: We bet we don’t even need to convince you on this one. World- famous Gulmarg, drives the most amount of tourists during winters and is absolutely worth every penny to spend on. Gondola rides, pine trees and mountains covered in snow, the atmosphere being chilly everything is instagrammable there! Just wear the best-winter friendly outfit you have and you’ll be good to go.

Gulmarg, Kashmir
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5. Dal Lake : Think of Kashmir and the first thing that comes to your mind after the snow clad mountains is the beautiful Dal Lake. Spread over 12 square kms, it is one of the favorite places of all the photographers. The beautiful lake filled with the gorgeous shikaras and houseboats give you a perfect frame. The mighty mountains standing behind add to its charisma. The sunsets at Dal Lake are worth a shot. Have you clicked one yet?

Dal Lake, Kashmir
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In your opinion,have we rightly shortlisted the top 5 instagrammable locations at kashmir?

Don’t forget to mention your ideal instagrammable location in Kashmir in the comment section down below !