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Kashmiri Saffron Honey – 500 gm

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Kashmiri White (Acacia) Honey – 500 gm

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Indulge In The Sweetness Of Pure Kashmiri Acacia Honey 

Forests are the heart of the environment. Though silent, it provides an everlasting, priceless service to the world. Kashmir’s pollution-free environment provides a great ecosystem for bees to produce great-quality honey straight from the nectar of the bright and glaring Kashmiri Acacia flowers.

Beekeepers here harvest this great quality honey from Apis Mellifera, which is originally the western bee species known to produce the best quality honey.

Besides honey being a valuable product of nature, Kashmir’s honey is considered to have more universally accepted medicinal, dietary, and cosmetic properties than honey belonging to other regions. For this reason, authentic Kashmiri honey is the choice of honey even by herbalists. Adding to the rich taste and aroma, Kashmir’s honey is liked by children most, along with people of other ages.

Organic Honey, At

Our primary goal is to provide the best and most genuine Kashmiri goods to our clients. And on account of this, we can guarantee that the honey we deliver to you is pure, organic, and one-of-a-kind.

With such huge demand for honey worldwide, many companies respond to this need by selling impure honey, mostly containing wax and artificial sweetening agents in the name of organic and natural honey, with lots of people falling prey to this.

Only pure, natural, organic, and real honey is sold on

Zojila-Naturally Pure (™) sells one of the best honey in Kashmir, and is exclusively available on  Naturally harvested, carefully packed, and delivered right to your doorstep- we take care of each step in the way.

Taste our honey and feel the difference for yourself.


1) What makes Kashmiri honey so famous?

Kashmiri honey is well-known because it is produced by ‘Apis Mellifera’ bees directly from the nectar of Acacia flowers in a pollutant-free environment, resulting in high-quality honey.

2) What exactly is Acacia Honey?

Acacia honey is produced by bees that pollinate the blossoms of the black locust tree and is reputed to produce the best quality, honey.

3) What are honey’s health benefits?

Organic honey provides numerous health advantages. Honey, for example, is a strong source of antioxidants.
It possesses antibacterial and antifungal effects.
Is a nutrient powerhouse.
Heals wounds.
Helps with a variety of stomach ailments.

4) How can I use organic honey?

Pure honey has multiple uses :

Acts as a natural sweetener
It can be used as a drizzle in a variety of foods, including pancakes, cereal, and fruits.
Acts as a great ingredient in face packs.
Is an excellent detoxifier.

5) What is Kashmiri honey so expensive?

Because Kashmiri honey is a mono-floral honey, it is pricey. That is, honeybees make honey from the nectar of a single Acacia flower. As a result, making Kashmir Acacia Honey requires more effort and time, which contributes to its high price.

6) Is honey perishable?

Honey may change colour or crystallise as a result of weather changes, but it will never expire. It will last longer if properly stored.

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