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Paper Mache Oriental Wall Plates – Set Of 3

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Paper Mache Round Blue Motif Hand Painted Pot

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Paper Mache Round-Light Blue Hand Painted Pot

Original price was: ₹2,480.Current price is: ₹1,745.

Paper Mache – Fine Art of Kashmir

The presence of Paper Mache in Kashmir is centuries-old art brought to us in the 15th century by Sultan Zain-ul-Abiden, son of emperor Sikander. This technically brilliant handcrafted art transforms chewed paper into aesthetically beautiful pieces.

The handwork on these Paper Mache products is done in three different stages termed Sakhtsazi, Pishlawun, and Naqash. The themes portrayed on these Paper Mache items are vivid and extensive, like Forests and shrubs, fragrant flowers and representations of the king’s Darbaar – to name a few. Gul-andar-gul, Hazaarposh and the Mughal styles have become the most beloved themes. Mastering this art requires patience and intricacy, letting the course of time weave its tale.

Kashmiri Paper Mache allures both the people who admire art and the amateur. Kashmir is frequently depicted through different use of designs like Chinar leaf and tree. Patterns include Hazaara and Shirkha styles of decoration; as the name suggests, a ‘thousand’ hues come together to emphasize the unity of nature and art. On the contrary, the Shirkha style of Papier-mache uses a single tone to highlight emphasis. With Kashmir’s exotic patterns and signature styles, the Naqashi carves gorgeous lampstands, boxes, wall plates, drawers, pots and a lot more out of waste paper and soaks it in vibrant colors. 

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Kashmiri artisans intricately paint every canvas into the most amazing items depicting Kashmir’s rich cultural heritage. Every piece is handcrafted one at a time by a different set of artisans, and they shape the blank canvas as per their imagination and free will. Therefore, it is very rare to create identical items, which makes each item one of a kind.


1) How is Kashmiri Paper Mache made?

Kashmiri Paper Mache is made from paper pulp soaked in water for three or four days. It is then put in a stone mortar and grounded finely so that all of the paper is uniform in its consistency. The pulp gets left in the sun to dry before being mixed with “Atji”, a kind of rice glue, and then is put in a mold to give it a certain shape.

2) What was Paper Mache called in Kashmir?

Paper Mache in Kashmir was originally known by its Iranian name, ‘Kar-i-Qalamdani’. The word ‘Qalamdani’ basically means “pen case”, as this art was only restricted to making pen cases. But, through the years, the art of paper mache has tremendously grown in the valley, with numerous items available these days.

3) What type of Paper Mache items are available?

Items made from paper mache include bowls, trays, wall plates, coasters, vases, decor items, storage boxes, lanterns, masks, large sculptures, etc.

4) Who introduced Paper Mache to Kashmir?

The presence of the craft of Paper Mache in Kashmir is centuries-old art brought to us in the 15th century by Sultan Zain-ul-Abideen, son of emperor Sikander.