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Willow Wicker Chopstick Room Décor Artifact

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Willow Wicker Chopstick Square Flower Vase

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Willow Wicker Dry Waste Bin

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All About Kashmiri Willow Wicker Craft

Kashmiri Willow WickerWork, traditionally known as “Veer Kani ” or “Keani Kaem ” in Kashmir, is one of the most significant parts of Kashmiri craft. It is defined as the weaving of willow reeds in a particular way to reflect the beauty of handicrafts in every direction.

This rich craft was native to European lands and was introduced to Kashmir in the 19th century during the reign of Maharaja Hari Singh. Some artisans and 12 kg of seeds were imported to this land, giving rise to the willow industry in Kashmir. 

There is the weaving and interweaving of willows that makes the music of Willow Wicker craft tremendously enthralling. The hands of an artisan move along the willow wickers to attain a shape of unending luxury. Willow wicker crafts can be used for decor as well as utility. In every way of nature, Willow Wicker Craft enchants the culture of Kashmir in every woven journey.

The artisans of Kashmir are known worldwide for making beautifully handcrafted willow wicker items. The most popular product is “Kashmiri Kangri”, which is a clay pot wrapped with willow wicker; an item to protect Kashmiris from harsh winter. With the increase in its demand and commercialization, this craft has raised the bar high with an increasing variety of unique designs and products.

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Willow Wicker craft has been an integral part of Kashmir’s cultural lineage. And we at make sure to sell exclusive Kashmiri goods in their original form to the rest of the world without any hassle. 

Our artisans make sure that each item is made with expertise, love and warmth. Each willow wicker product is made with high-quality materials and handcrafted into beautiful creations, making the end product authentic and of premium quality.


1) What does willow wicker mean?

Willow wicker generally referred to as “Keani Keam” or “Veer Kani” in Kashmir, is one of the significant handcrafted art of Kashmir, which involves weaving using willow reeds. 

2) What products are generally made with willow wicker?

This renowned handcrafted art of Kashmir is used to create a wide range of products. The most well-known and well-established item is a “Kashmiri Kangri.”  In addition to this, other products come in the form of –

  • holders, baskets, racks, and other utility items.
  • Home decor items like flower vases, wall clocks, photo frames, lampshades, etc.

3)  Do you provide a guarantee on Willow Wicker products? 

Yes, provides a 100% guarantee on the use of real Willow Wicker strands as well as a 100% guarantee on the items being “hand-crafted” from start to end. 

We believe in delivering products by adhering to the highest quality standards. 

Given the handmade nature of our products, there might be slight irregularities in the products because of human involvement.

However, if there is some genuine manufacturing defect, we are open to extending a full or partial refund or re-fulfilling your order. 

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