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Kashmiri Merino Lamb/Sheep Fur

Kashmir has always been a pioneer in producing high-quality woollen items. With clusters of modern fabric available in this day and age, devotion towards procuring natural fibres and fabrics has drastically increased.

One such extraordinary fibre comes from Merino sheep/lamb fur. Since ages, Kashmir has dealt with the highest calibre sheep/lamb fur goods.

The fluffiness of Merino lamb/sheep fur feels warm, incredibly smooth, silky, and luscious as you run your hands over it.Nothing about it is harsh or abrasive. It is incredibly tactile, soothing, and almost calming to touch.

Kashmiri Merino Lamb/Sheep Fur is endlessly versatile, with uses ranging from fashion to decor. This fur when used as a throw and/or rug transforms them into must-have staples for interior design.

Shop Authentic Kashmiri Merino lamb/Sheep fur from works relentlessly to bring you the best of everything, the products that are kind to the body and the environment, creating harmony between us and the planet we call home. 

We provide Merino lamb/sheep fur that is completely natural, hygienically produced, hypoallergenic and has antimicrobial qualities, making it skin-friendly.

Additionally, we guarantee that the Merino lamb/sheep fur we use comes from a source devoid of animal cruelty. Being a byproduct of sheep farming, it’s sustainable and completely biodegradable too. provides a sizable and growing collection of natural creams and whites in Real Kashmiri Merino lamb/sheep furs, all attached with a lining that will last for years.


1) How long will my Merino lamb/sheep fur rug last?

Merino lamb/sheep Fur rugs typically last for a very long time. They’re durable, versatile, and will last for a lifetime if they are properly cared and maintained for and used as the products were intended.

2) How can I take the best care of my Merino sheep/lamb fur rug/throw? 

You can care and maintain your Kashmiri Merino Fur Rug by keeping the following points in mind: 

  1. Avoid Sun and Moisture.
  2. Act Fast and Spot Clean. 
  3. Always Dry Naturally. 
  4. Regularly take your rug outside and give it a shake.
  5. Routinely dry vacuum rugs (with a plain suction unit)
  6. Do not rub, brush or massage when damp or wet

3) What can Kashmiri Merino lamb/sheep fur be used for?

At, we typically use Real Kashmiri Merino lamb/sheep fur for making throws and rugs. Throws and rugs have their own purposes such as:

  • Bath mat in a bathroom
  • Draped on a lounge or dining chair
  • In your child’s nursery, maybe next to the cot (on the floor)
  • On an outdoor chair in the summer or winter 
  • As a pet mat 
  • On or Beside your bed for a warm & gentle first step
  • On your yoga mat or relaxation nook
  •  In your child’s stroller

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