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Bags- A Woman’s Companion

Bags are a treasure trove of secrets that reveal our true identity. 

A bag is a selection of outer materials, non-visible inner features only revealed to its owner, and tactile experiences such as softness and comfort.

Our collection of handmade bags is all about sustainable luxury that empowers women and gives you that feeling of standing out from the crowd.’s handmade embroidered bags in 100% cotton is a creation of sheer elegance straight out of our creative minds, warmed by our hearts, and are brought to life by expert hands from Kashmir.   

When Sustainability Meets Luxury is dedicated to making unique and sustainable high-end fashion bags embroidered into classic fashion items. Each bag made by embraces the unique and varied personalities of customers.

Our range of products includes a variety of handmade bags, from tote bags to multipurpose bags, makeup pouches, and laptop bags available in multiple designs.

The sozni embroidery done on each bag is the most sophisticated form of needle embroidery in the World, which showcases the great effort invested in making each piece with a touch of the rich cultural heritage of Kashmir. 

Our fashion bags can be styled with every outfit for every occasion, mostly a necessity for office-going women. Check out our collection now and spruce up your wardrobe.

FAQ’s : 

1) Why are handmade bags better?

Handmade bags are always a better option as compared to machine-produced bags as handcrafted bags are made at the hands of an artisan with dedication and patience which leaves very little space for any defect. Also, handcrafted bags are more reliable and durable than machine-produced bags.

3) What types of bags are sold by sells a wide variety of high-quality bags from hand-embroidered tote bags, hand-embroidered multipurpose bags, hand-embroidered makeup pouches, and hand-embroidered laptop bags.

4) Do you provide a guarantee on the fashion bags?

Yes, provides a 100% guarantee on our fashion bags being hand embroidered. We make sure that every product is manufactured by adhering to the highest quality standards and has been checked before shipment for any defect.

Given the handmade nature of our products, there might be slight irregularities in the products because of human involvement. In case there is some genuine manufacturing defect, then we are open to extending a full or partial refund or by re-fulfilling your order.  

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