A Glimpse Of The ‘Paradise’ Before The DSLR Era.

A Glimpse Of The 'Paradise' Before The DSLR Era.

Some ancient images of the ‘Firdous Barr Roye Zameen’

“Garr Firdous Barr Roye Zameen Ast.. Hameen Ast -O-Hameen Ast -O- Hameen Ast”

We have always been lucky as the place we live in has been called as ‘Paradise On Earth’. Kashmir has been compared with many things, and bestowed with many blessings at the same time. The lines I quoted at the beginning of this were soulfully said by Emperor Jehangir long before we were born. Kashmir has been an epitome of beauty right from the start. People in very large numbers used to visit us too without watching the HD photos clicked from the most expensive cameras. This takes us to an important conclusion: Kashmir doesn’t need any photoshop to look beautiful. The Almighty has beautified it by himself.

The mighty mountains, lush green meadows, and the beautiful rivers add to its beauty apart from the sparkling lakes, gloomy gardens, and rich heritage. Kashmir’s tradition and heritage are altogether different topics to speak on. We have had a very rich cultural background right from the start. From the architecture to the food, clothing to interests, we have had an amazing heritage of which the legacy continues. Kashmir is bestowed with so many beautiful gifts that it is difficult to praise it all at once. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the old pictures of Kashmir, covering architecture, the landscape, and the culture.

1. Kashmir University’s Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony :

foundation ceremony of Kashmir University
Image Credit To Rightful Owner

Holding the tallest library in the valley, J&K University (now Kashmir University) was not always like you see it today. This picture is from the year 1956 when Jenab Meerak Shah Kashani Sahib (RA) laid the foundation of the campus near Dargah Hazratbal.  

2. The Boulevard Road:

Ancient Boulevard road Kashmir
Image Credit To Rightful Owner

Don’t be surprised! Boulevard road wasn’t as busy and occupied as you see it today. This picture from 1910 shows the mighty Dal Lake with a roofed shikara in it. The road on the right is what we call ‘The Boulevard Road’ nowadays.

3. The all-time famous Lal Chowk

Lal chowk Kashmir
Image Credit To Rightful Owner

This is how your favorite shopping destination ‘Lal Chowk’ looked back in the 1950s. Though there were no glow sign boards and high volume stereo music playing around, the charisma of the place was the same as it is today. The famous Lala Rukh hotel can be seen in the background.

4. The Dalgate

Dalgate Kashmir
Image Credit To Rightful Owner

A picture of Dal Darwaza (now Dalgate) clicked long back when it was built after in 1898 from Tchooint Koal (Apple Canal) This was built after the original one was washed away by the floods in 1893. This is how serene the surroundings looked back then.

5. The old Saraf Shop

Old saraf shop Kashmir
Image Credit To Rightful Owner

No matter how fancy the jewelry stores may look today. This is how it used to look like during the times when there was no bragging about it on social media. The picture was clicked in 1850. This particular family is still running the same business.

6. The Bund

The Bund Kashmir
Image Credit To Rightful Owner

You may not be aware but the Bund alongside river Jehlum in Srinagar’s Amira Kadal to Abdullah Bridge used to be and still is in the good books of many people who have visited Kashmir many years back. The reasons are many, starting from the handicraft stores to the jewelers to the famous tailors. In this picture ‘Subhana Tailor’ can be seen written on a sign board. This used to be one of the famous tailoring shops on The Bund.

7. Nallah Mar

Old Nallah Mar Kashmir
Image Credit To Rightful Owner

The people born after the 1980s must not have any idea about “Nallah Mar” though they must have heard the name like most of us do. The Mar Kul was a 200 mile long natural & man made irrigation cum navigation canal system starting from Marser Lake. It used to be there till the 1970s when it was filled for the construction of Mar Plan Road.

8. Dargah Hazratbal

Dargah Hazratbal Kashmir
Image Credit To Rightful Owner

This is how the most cherished Muslim religious place looked like back in 1950. Like today Muslims from different parts of the valley used to mark their presence on Fridays and other holy days. Though its design isn’t the same anymore, the faith and the number of the believers remains the same.

9. Kashmiri child carpet weavers

Carpet weaving by children
Image Credit To Rightful Owner

Kashmir has always been famous for its art, craft and craftsmanship. This picture from the archives shows three Kashmiri children weaving a carpet along with an elder person who is seemingly their teacher known as ‘Wostkaar’ . The exact year of this photo isn’t known but what is known is the love and dedication towards serving our culture and heritage.

10. Srinagar-Baramulla Highway

Old Srinagar-Baramulla road Kashmir
Image Credit To Rightful Owner

A rare photo of the Srinagar – Baramulla Road (then called Jhelum Valley Road). This picture was clicked by a foreigner in the early 1901’s. Though we see a fairly built macadamized road at this place what has remained the same and standing are the poplar trees that make green tunnels throughout. A must drive-on road having beautiful landscapes on both sides, this road is just twenty kilometers away from the Srinagar city center Lal Chowk.

Have you visited all of the above-mentioned places yet? If yes, share with us their present time photos, and let’s differentiate between what has changed and what has not and stand a chance to get featured on our website.