Environment And Conservation Policy 

Living in nature has proven to be a kind of therapy for people around the world. Kashmers.com is a platform where there is the crafting of the finest products through the hand-skills of artisans of Kashmir Valley. We are a place that suffuses the richness of culture with the new contemporary designs and techniques. We generally focus on the definitions of the world through the eyes of Gen Z. As we move ahead with our collections, we are required to look after everything that is preferred by our new generations. Likewise, we reflect each preference with diligence and care. One of the supreme concerns for today's world is Environmental Hazards. We’re passionate about our contribution toward protecting our planet and conserving its natural resources for future generations. We understand the impact our business can have on the environment and are working day and night to minimize every aspect that can harm nature in any way. We are focused on our possible contribution towards reducing carbon footprint around the Valley. We also encourage our customers and artisans to look for alternate options to efficiently define the concept of ethical crafting and Sustainability. 

The Concept Of Sustainability In Our Artisans

We deal with the handmade crafting of masterpieces in Kashmir. When we start our journey from raw material to its crafting, each step includes a conservation method to overcome all the hazards that unethical manufacturing can bring. We have curated a team of people who make artisans on each level understand the virtue of ethical and natural crafting. Our artisans are trained with specific guidelines that make our generational artisans one-of-a-kind. They efficiently procure the raw materials for the masterpieces and ethically craft each at karkhanas (workshops). Using Sustainable materials like wood, willow, cotton, etc, they deduce any sort of damage to the environment. The materials we use can be recycled and reused again. Therefore, using our handmade products promotes a sustainable life which is the need of the hour. 

Our Artisans not only meditate on the definition of handicrafts but are well aware of the Eco-friendly aspects of crafting. There is proper scrutiny of each Karkhana (Workshop) at the beginning of each month to ensure the use of Sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing. 

How Do We Curate Our Hand-Made Eloquence? 

With an Environment-Friendly approach,  we take a diligent interest in understanding our raw materials and methods of crafting products that can coexist with our ever-evolving world. We are envisioned doing minimal damage to the earth. Each level of our platform measures the impact of production. Thus, focus on the use and curating of each product that is crafted by us. By consciously using highly Sustainable materials in our crafting, we aim to build a community of artisans and customers who promote a waste-free and plastic-free lifestyle to the people around us. To locate materials that are readily available, cost-effective, and uphold the highest standards for Environment as well as Aesthete,  we work with our vendors to evaluate goods to lessen the hazard to the environment. 

How  Do We Pack Your Luxury Products?

We pack everything 100% Plastic-Free in an up-cycled craft paper wrapping. All of our shipping materials are 100% recyclable and compostable. We continuously work towards our zero-waste philosophy. All our packing materials are Environment friendly. Our labels  for products are pure leather which is 100% recyclable, compostable, and plastic-free. The labels and stamps for our brands are made of genuine leather and non-toxic ink respectively. The tags along our products are made of craft paper and cardboard. We do not use any kind of synthetic or PUC in our brands. We use pine cones and a by-product called straw instead of Plastic wrapping for support and strength. We bring together people and partners to support a conserved debris-free environment.

How Are Our Boxes Sealed?

We seal our boxes with non-reinforced paper tape. We use plant-based starch in the form of glue which is 100% compostable, and plastic-free for packing each box of joy. We use hard cardboard boxes to maintain the definition of Recycle, Reuse and Replenish. In addition, there is the usage of Jute Envelopes as outer coverings for each and every order. All the products are sealed with a stamp to present the token of "non-tempered". 

What Do We Encourage Our Customers To Do? 

Once a package is shipped to our customers, we cannot control what our customers do with the packaging materials, but we advise and encourage each one of you to use the three methods of conservation, i-e., Reuse, Recycling and Replenish. All of our customers who reuse, compost, or recycle all packing materials, We thank you for being considerate and thinking about nature as much as we do. You are a part of our sustainable Journey! 

How Do We Conserve Water And Energy? 

Water is the definition of life. Without water, there will be no Environment to live in. We have developed a team to make sure how the water is being used at our places of manufacturing.  We monitor how we use water at our facility and reduce our consumption of water as much as we can. Using only the required amount of water in any of the processes related to crafting the hand-made products is our way of dedicating a bit to the Environment. In addition, We are making efforts to use less energy in the manufacture, delivery, and sale of the products to you. We have been achieving this by improving the energy efficiency of our craft processes. Therefore, we encourage employees to turn off unnecessary lighting. We make sure to replace inefficient equipment by having a check every month. Thus, eliminating energy waste to the best possible level. We have been working hard on our concept of conserving energy. Therefore, we envision moving to solar energy for all-electric requirements. Resources are already being allocated and refined for achieving this as soon as possible because we are highly  Eco-conscious. 

How do We Revive And Conserve Our Arts And Crafts Culture? 

Kashmir has a heritage of centuries. Bestowed along with the rich culture and tradition, there is a supreme reflection of handicrafts in the Valley. People have been engaging themselves with these handicrafts for ages. Generations of artisans have propounded handicrafts as their mere source of being. Due to modern technologies and duplications of Kashmiri handicrafts everywhere, the essence of these was somehow deflected. Therefore, it is our core concept to revive the handicrafts by putting them again in the laps of artisans in Kashmiri karkhanas (Workshops). Thus, we enlighten the surroundings of karkhanas with our contemporary beamed designs and techniques. Also, adding tinges of modernism to our unique culture of handicrafts. 

For the conservation of this exquisite culture of handicrafts, we put Human First in all stages of our journey, starting with Artisans and concluding with our customers. Alongside operating a business with an environmentally friendly approach, we engage our people and take care of them. We make it happen by involving all stakeholders in our pro-human policies for revival of genuine culture. In addition, the use of local workers, work from home, Women at home and small-scale artisan’s run workshops is our forte to define the concept of Humans First. We provide adequate and timely wages to each of our artisans who work day and night to support their families. With our Humans First policy, we constantly work on supporting our community by securing the rights of each member involved in the supply chain.

Customers Satisfaction

We very well understand that the journey is incomplete without customer satisfaction. We consider our current and potential customers as precursors for the sustainability of our business. Our goal is to beautifully meet the expectations of our customers, so that they are excited and not just satisfied. We do it by providing value for their money and extending post purchase support. While trying to create a value chain, the customers remain at the center of all our policies. We make the best product value by facilitating easy shipping, prompt delivery to our customers and post purchase support like returns and cancellations. 

To know more about our concepts and journey, email us at hello@kashmers.com