How To Know If Your Honey is Pure or Adulterated? 

how to know if your honey pure or adulterated

There are many tasty bounties in the world. The soulful taste of pure Honey is everlasting and unmatched. Honey is a healthy source of sweetness that you can put in anything. It is an alternative to refined sugar and has moderate calories per tablespoon. Honey does not only add sweetness to your food, it’s also beneficial to the human body as it is packed with minerals, nutrients and vitamins. It is the grace of honey bees that crawl over flowers to extract nectar that distinguishes it as a superfood, Honey!

pure honey
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There are various benefits of Honey and it is a naturally prepared food. So, the question arises, Is my Honey pure? Like many other food products, adulteration is common. It is easy to commercialize honey that can often be mixed with glucose solution, high fructose syrup, and other unhealthy ingredients. It is known that adulteration has made such natural foods go to waste. 

Before buying Honey, you need to look for several factors to ensure its purity. Pure honey is made by honey bees. Therefore, factories have no role in manufacturing honey. 

The first step is to look for organic or forest honey. They have a high probability of being pure. Even the word “Organic” can deceive consumers. Therefore, one of the best ways to check the quality of Honey is by testing it at home. Here are some easy ways to check its purity and ways to spot the difference;

  1. The Water Dissolving Test 

This test primarily gives results based on the dissolution of honey in water. All you have to do is take a teaspoon of honey and dissolve it in a glass of water (300ml). Observe it and get the results. Adulterated Honey (not pure) will readily dissolve in water while Pure honey will form lumps at the bottom of the glass. Make sure that you observe it very vividly. 

  1. The  White Cloth Test 

Take a teaspoon of honey and put it on the white cloth. Observe it diligently. If the honey gets absorbed by the cloth, it is adulterated. Whereas, if honey does not get absorbed in the cloth then it is Pure honey. This ensures you the thickness of pure honey. Pure Honey is thick by nature and does not have fluid consistency. Therefore, you can check by taking a teaspoon on your thumb and observing the consistency of the honey. In addition, pure honey sticks to the surface it is applied. Thus, it doesn’t drip away from your thumb. While impure honey will be runny and will not stay on your thumb for long. 

  1. The Vinegar Test 

All you have to do is take a tablespoon of honey in a glass of water and add 3- 4 drops of Vinegar. If the solution foams up immediately after adding vinegar, the honey is impure (Adulterated). If it dissolves normally without any reaction, the honey is possibly in its pure form.

  1. The  Flame Test 

It is a fact that Pure honey is inflammable. Drop a teaspoon of honey on a piece of paper. Flame the matchstick or lighter and try to exhaust it. If the paper catches the flame, the honey is adulterated. Whereas, if the flame did not affect the paper, then the honey used is pure. 

(Caution: Do this Test at your own risk and Don’t perform it relentlessly anywhere, find a safe place to test it out) 

  1. The Heat Test 

Put a teaspoon of honey on a pan and heat it. If it bubbles up and makes a foamy texture, it is Adulterated. Whereas, if it caramelizes quickly and does not become foamy, it is Pure honey. Also, note that Pure honey has a distinct odor and does not have a scenty sweet smell. 

Pure honey has a very soft texture. It can be examined by the naked eye. Physical properties like this of Pure honey are defining its quality. Also, Pure honey has a mild aroma which is quite distinct. Pure honey or Raw honey when consumed,  leaves a slight tingling sensation in your throat. This is the beauty of natural products that they merge with nature to get to you in their purest form. 

Revere of our Brand, Zojila 

At, there is the concept of purity and genuineness in each product. Zojila, our exquisite brand that offers you food products from Kashmir in their purest form. We manufacture Pure honey of Acacia origin. The honey is procured from the honey bees that take the nectar from the finest flora family, Acacia! This Honey is simply an elixir of life for human beings. It is considered to be the finest Honey in the world. 

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Acacia Honey is praised for its purity and taste. Ethically procured with diligent manufacturing, the Acacia Honey from Kashmir reflects a sense of serene nature in each drop of its elixir. It is mainly derived from the nectar of the Robinia pseudo acacia flower which is also known as the Black locust or Acacia tree. The Acacia Honey has a distinct smell and a delicate flavor. It is pale White. In addition, Acacia honey has natural antibacterial properties that help the human body in diverse ways like healing the body, etc. It is the finest and healthiest honey because of the reason that is extremely good for health. This is because of the presence of lower sugar levels in it as compared to normal honey.