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Why Shilajit Is A Must For Health

Why shilajit is must for health?

What is shilajit?

Shilajit is a black tar-like resin that is found in high mountains, mainly in the Himalayas. It is formed when certain plants decompose in these mountains, it is very rich in fluvic acid, which contains a high number of minerals. It is one of the numerous minerals utilized in Ayurveda, a very old form of alternative medicine in India. It has been utilized in conventional natural medication to treat a wide assortment of conditions, going from weak bones to impotence.

Shilajit is widely available and used as a dietary supplement and is also known as mujimo. Read on to find out why this is the next supplement you should add to your diet. 

1)It is anti-ageing 

Shilajit contains high amounts of fulvic acid. It defends against free radicals and cellular damage as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. As a result, consistent shilajit use may lead to longer life, a slower ageing process and improved overall health.

2)Improved sexual health and fertility

The benefits of this dietary supplement were studied in 35 infertile men in a 2010 study published in the journal Andrologia. 28  participants showed substantial improvements in total sperm count, the amount of healthy sperm, and sperm motility, a measure of how well the sperm move after taking 100 milligrams (mg) of processed shilajit in capsule form each day for 90 days.

3)High Cholesterol

In a study conducted by Claremont University, when comparing the shilajit group to a placebo group, researchers discovered significant reductions in cholesterol and triglycerides. High triglycerides and cholesterol raise your chances of developing heart disease.

Antioxidant status, a measure of how well the body shields cells from injury, was also improved in the shilajit group. However, the researchers looked for changes in blood pressure, heart rate, and body weight but found none. 

4)Shilajit maintains a high level of energy and prevents the onset of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a long-term illness characterized by excessive exhaustion or fatigue. CFS can make life difficult and turn simple manual tasks into nightmares. Shilajit pills, according to research, may help to alleviate CFS symptoms and restore energy.

Mitochondrial dysfunction has been linked to CFS. It happens when your cells are unable to produce adequate energy. According to the research, this was due to the shilajit’s ability to prevent mitochondrial malfunction.

Based on these findings, taking shilajit supplements to naturally raise your body’s mitochondrial function may help you feel more energized.

5)Helps fight Iron deficiency(Anemia)

A low-iron diet, blood loss, or an inability to absorb iron can all cause iron deficiency anemia. Among the signs and symptoms are: fatigue or weakness, frigid fingers and toes, headache, erratic heartbeat

Shilajit pills, on the other hand, may help to raise iron levels over time.

Shilajit is available in liquid drops and powder, both are equally effective. Always follow the supplement manufacturer’s directions when taking supplements. If you buy the supplement in liquid form, dissolve a grain of rice or a pea-sized piece in liquid and take it one to three times each day (depending on instructions). You can also take shilajit powder twice a day with milk. However, before using shilajit, it is recommended to consult your doctor.

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In conclusion, Shilajit is a mineral-rich resin that has long been used in Ayurveda healing. Today, several preliminary studies claim that it can aid reductions in cholesterol and triglycerides. High triglycerides and cholesterol raise your chances of developing heart disease. The benefits of shilajit are not just restricted to your physical health, it also improves your psyche and helps deal with stress. This is due to the energy boost it provides, which equips you to deal with stress in a natural and healthy way. This makes it an ideal supplement to add to your diet.