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Top 5 Places To Trek in Kashmir

Top 5 places to trek in Kashmir

Kashmir has everything a traveler keeps looking for. I mean from the beautiful sunsets to the high mountains, this place doesn’t disappoint anyone. With the increase in vlogging culture in Kashmir, trekking has gone to a whole new level. The mountains and the high-altitude lakes were always there but with the trend of showing them to the world on social media began, many people started buying shoes and trekking accessories. You must have seen a lot of Kashmiri Instagrammers uploading the beautiful stories and reels of their trekking and you must have craved for those places one day or the other. If your answer is yes then here is a treat for you. In this blog, we’ll have a look at the five best places where you can go for trekking on your next visit to Kashmir.

  1. Great Lakes Trek: Situated some 75 km on the northeast of Srinagar, this is one of the best treks in the country. In this trek, you don’t just witness the beautiful trekking routes but will also witness beautiful lakes at regular intervals as well. For this trek, you first need to reach the ancient Hindu temple called Naranag situated somewhere in the interiors of the Srinagar-Leh road.  Your trek starts right there when you head to Gangbal lake and move forward. The four other beautiful lakes include Satsar, Gadsar, Vishnusar, and Nichnai. They are situated in the exact sequence. Once you reach the last spot, Nichnai, you then head towards Sonmarg marking an end to your great trek. In this trek, you go from an altitude of 7800 ft to 11, 607 ft before you come down to 8735 ft at Sonmarg. If you are planning a week’s trip, this should be the best choice for you. 
Great Lakes Trek Kashmir
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  1. Tarsar Marsar Trek : Like every other Trek in Kashmir, this trek is also extremely beautiful and what makes it even more refreshing and beautiful are the lush green meadows that surround you while you are on your way up. This is one of the prettiest treks in the country. The trek starts at Aru, which is situated in Pahalgam, which is also a breathtaking spot in South Kashmir. You must have watched it in the movies. Talking about the trek, one starts from an altitude of 7960 ft and goes up to 12, 945 ft During the trek you witness many beautiful landscapes and lakes. You start at Aru and the first stop you make is Lidderwat followed by Shekwat and Tarsar. After you reach there, the next stop is Sundersar followed by Homwas where you reach by taking the Marsar route. From there, you head back to Aru and that’s where the trek concludes. 
Tarsar Marsar Trek Kashmir
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  1. Naranag Mahlish Trek: Here’s another beautiful treat for nature lovers. This trek also makes you experience the best version of Kashmir. It starts at the Naranag temple and goes to the Trunkhol via Gangbal and Nundkol Lakes. The best thing about the trek is that you don’t have to come back from the same route which means that you’d get to see a little more of Kashmir. The trek passes through lush green meadows and if you are a nature lover, it is a treat for you. Another amazing thing about the trek is that you can actually try it round the year. The trek starts at Naranag and goes up to Trunkhol. You must go for this one if you are a nature and adventure lover.
Naranag Mahlish Trek Kashmir
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  1. Kolahoi Glacier Trek: Referred to as the ‘Goddess of Light’ the Kolahoi glacier is a must-visit place. Apart from being the origin of the mighty rivers, Lidder and Jehlum, this trek makes you experience the best of Kashmir. The 5km long glacier is situated just below the Kolahoi Mountain and above the beautiful Lidder Valley. You walk in the meadows, rest by the rivers, and treat your eyes to the sky-high glaciers. This trek isn’t everybody’s cup of tea though. It challenges you with its slant and other trekking challenges but what makes it worth still going for it is the freshness that the top of the glacier carries. This trek is a treat for all adventure lovers.
Kolahoi Glacier Trek Kashmir
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  1. Sonmarg-Vishansar-Naranag Trek: You must have heard the names Vishansar and Naranag a lot of times while going through the trekking posts. That is because there are a number of trekking routes passing through these places. Many routes intersect each other often and that’s how you find your friends midway. Talking about this trek, Situated in the mighty Himalayas, the Sonmarg Vishansar Naranag Trek has a lot to die for. It has everything a true trekker needs, let that be the snow-clad mountains and colorful meadows of alpine forests. Everything combined makes a perfect picturesque. Starting from Sonmarg, you trek from the high-altitude passes which carry a perfect frame of the Valley. During the trek, you can also explore the mesmerizing Vishansar Valley and spend time by the beautiful Krishansar Lake.  The trek takes you through more lakes in Gadsar, Satsar, and Gangabal to witness the beauty of nature. 
Sonmarg-Vishansar-Naranag Trek Kashmir
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Have you been to any of these places before? If yes, do share your experiences with us.