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Style Your Space with Handcrafted Paper Mache Products

Style Your Space with Handcrafted Paper Mache Products

The world of Kashmiri Paper Mache is filled with artistic marvels and an exquisite range of handcrafted articles that can make any space more lively and pleasant. These products are a treasure that can transport you from the ordinary world to a realm of beauty and unmatched craftsmanship. 

Kashmiri Paper Mache stands out for its delicate designs and intricate details you cannot see anywhere else.

In this article, we will share with you some of the most popular Kashmiri Paper Mache products that you can place in your house or place of work to add more flavor and an artistic touch to your surroundings so stay with us till the end.

Following is a list of handcrafted paper mache products that you can choose for your space 

  • Show Pieces
  • Paper Mache Coasters
  • Hand-Painted Lamps
  • Photo Frames
  • Decorative Boxes
  • Wall Art
  • Vases
  • Floral Wall Plates

Here is how you can use these Paper Mache products to style your indoor space with ease

  1. Show Pieces
show pieces

You can buy handmade showpieces such as turtles, boats, houses, horses, elephants, etc. to grace your space with timeless art and tradition. Particularly paper mache turtles considered a symbol of longevity and wisdom can add a captivating allure to your space.

The remarkable decorative show pieces made from Paper Mache are a testament to the skill and artistry of Kashmiri craftsmen. Each of these pieces has its distinct charm and all of them are visually stunning.

So, add these showpieces to your space if you are bored with mediocre, machine-made items that have no personal touch to them.  

  1. Paper Mache Coasters

Another remarkable Paper Mache type of product is coasters, a harmonious blend of complementary colors and patterns with matte backgrounds.

The intricate patterns on these coasters emanate sheer beauty and grace that can make any tabletop more exquisite. A lot of intricate work goes into making these coasters and every single item is finished with great care and artistry.

These coasters capture the true essence of the Kashmiri flora and fauna. Adding these affordable art pieces to your space can not only elevate your indoors but can also serve a practical purpose which is an added benefit.        

  1. Hand-Painted Lamps

Another useful and captivating Paper Mache item is a hand-painted lamp. These lamps are adorned with delicate curves and detailed patterns. They are designed with patterns that capture the simplicity as well as the natural beauty of the exquisite valley of Kashmir.

The fine blend of colors and textures of these lamps makes them an ideal addition to your bedroom or study. If you are looking for a Paper Mache item that makes your indoors visually appealing while also serving a useful purpose then there is nothing better than these lamps.   

  1. Photo Frames

Picture frames are another exquisite piece of art that can spice up your indoors. These frames are available in all sizes and they are an epitome of Kashmiri culture and artistry.

These frames can add more beauty and timelessness to your pictures. You can buy it for yourself or gift it to a loved one to show your affection. These frames can elevate your home décor and add a touch of refinement and grace to your surroundings.  

  1. Decorative Boxes

Handcrafted boxes made from Paper Mache are another specialty of Kashmiri craftsmen. The intricate motifs and detailed designs involving traditional floral patterns and colors make these boxes a great addition to your home décor.

You can keep your jewelry, trinkets, and other delicate or expensive objects in these elegant boxes. Place these decorative pieces on your shelves or dressers to add more flavor to these objects as well as to your room.

  1. Wall Art

Wall art pieces made from Paper Mache are recognized worldwide for their variety and vibrant colors. These can include things like decorative plaques or larger wall hangings. Objects like bells, stars, animal faces, and myriads of other wall art pieces give you a lot of room to add a creative and elegant touch to your indoors.

Adding Paper Mache wall art can enhance the visual appeal of your walls making them much more fascinating.  

  1. Vases
Paper Mache floral hand-painted vases

You can also go with Paper Mache floral hand-painted vases if you need something to hold flowers, foliage, or Pampas grass. These items are made by hand and they are reinforced to make them stronger.

Every detail of these vases is a testament to the skill of their maker. The design as well as the build quality of these vases are impressive and durable. 

  1. Floral Wall Plates
floral wall plates

Floral wall plates are a great addition to your indoor empty walls. The color combinations and details incorporated into these plates can lighten up your surroundings.

These Paper Mache art pieces are known for their neat craftsmanship and you can hang them on any wall in your house to make it appear classier.

The intricate designs, vibrant hues, and unparalleled artistry of these plates contribute to an enchanting visual tapestry that leaves you in awe.

So, choose this amazing Paper Mache product to embrace the Kashmiri heritage and history to the fullest and to adorn your indoors with this classic work of art for years to come.   


The beauty and craftsmanship of the Kashmiri Paper Mache products is unparalleled. They are prepared using ancient methods and tools and the art itself is rooted deep in the Kashmiri culture and history. You can buy these products and place them in your bedrooms, living rooms, and office spaces to increase the ambiance.

These products can infuse your space with artistry, tradition, and vibrant colors that can grab the attention of visitors instantly. So, order these exquisite products to add vibrant colors and a delightful flavor to your monotonous indoors.

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