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How to Test the Purity of Kashmiri Honey?

How to Test the Purity of Kashmiri Honey?

Kashmiri honey is known for its sweet taste, distinct texture, and myriad benefits for the health and fitness of an individual. A key ingredient in various recipes and food products, this item is a must-have in every household.

But wait! How do you know whether the honey you bought is pure or impure? There are various ways you can get to the bottom of this. In this article, we will show you some of the easiest and most effective ways to test the purity of your Kashmiri honey so stay with us till the end.

  • Difference Between Pure and Adulterated Honey 
  • Ways to Check the Purity of Kashmiri Honey i.e.,
  • Stickiness
  • Texture
  • Absorbency
  • Dissolving
  • Scent
  • Vinegar Test
  • The Flame Test
  • The Tissue Paper Test
Pure Kashmiri Honey

Difference Between Pure and Adulterated Honey

Pure Kashmiri honey is sourced directly from bees without any human involvement. The organic, natural, and pure honey is prepared solely by the bees that feed on grown flowers.

On the other hand, fake or adulterated honey is made by the addition of glucose, molasses, inverted sugar, sugar, corn syrup, and many other artificial ingredients. All these additives give the mixture a honey-like texture, appearance, and taste.

This makes it hard to determine the purity of the honey just by the looks. This is why experts have come up with some sure-fire ways to do that using simple tests that you can do yourself.    

Pure Kashmiri Honey

Ways to Check the Purity of Kashmiri Honey

Here are a few ways you can determine the purity of the Kashmiri honey in the comfort of your home

  1. Stickiness

One of the easiest ways to identify fake honey is by checking its stickiness. Take a small amount of honey between your thumb and index finger and gently rub it. If the honey is pure, it will not feel sticky. The reason behind this is the absence of additive sweeteners in the unadulterated honey.

If your fingers feel extra sticky, it is a clear indication that the honey is not in its pure form and it contains various impurities to make it look like real honey.

  1. Texture

pure honey is characterized by a very thick texture and high viscosity. This means the pure honey resists more when poured from one jar to another or moved around in the same jar.

On the other hand, the fake honey is very runny. It spills easily if the jar is moved too much. A simple way to check this is by moving the jar around and simply observing the movement of honey inside. If it moves around easily, chances are the honey is not pure.

kashmiri honey
  1. Absorbency

This is another simple test that can help you know if your honey is pure or adulterated. Just put a few drops of the honey on a blotting paper. Pure honey tends to stay on the paper as it is and doesn’t get absorbed.

The fake one, on the other hand, gets absorbed leaving behind a stain on the blotting paper. This absorbency test will let you know immediately whether the honey you have just bought is worth using or not.

  1. Dissolving

A very common property of pure honey is that it does not dissolve in water immediately. It settles down at the bottom in the form of a lump. After several minutes it starts to dissolve in the water. The dissolution rate is also increased when the water is warm.

The fake honey, on the other hand, gets quickly and easily dissolved even in cool water.

kashmiri honey
  1. Scent

Pure honey has a very mild, floral fragrance. If you heat pure honey, its smell changes a little. The fake honey, on the other hand, does not have any smell at all. 

So next time, try smelling the honey to know whether it is pure or made synthetically. 

  1. Vinegar Test

The vinegar test is an effective way to identify the presence of sugar syrup or other additives in the honey. Take a bowl of vinegar mixed in water. After that add a small amount of honey to the mixture.

The vinegar reacts with the additive in the honey leading to the accumulation of foam on the surface. The vinegar gives honey a cloudy appearance which is a strong indication that the honey is not in its pure form.

kashmiri honey
  1. The Flame Test

To do this simple test, you need a matchbox and honey. First, dip the matchstick in honey and then let it on fire using another matchstick. Impure honey quickly catches fire. 

Pure honey on the other hand does not catch fire. It might burn for a few seconds and the process ceases after a short while. The flame test can help you find out if the honey contains synthetic sugars or impurities or not. 

  1. The Tissue Paper Test

Simply take a small piece of tissue paper and dip it into honey. The fake honey quickly gets absorbed and the tissue paper gets soaked as a result.

If the tissue paper is not extra soaked after dipping and there are very few visible stains or watermarks on it, then in that case you can say with certainty that the honey is in its pure state.   


Pure Kashmiri honey has the power to boost immunity, reduce cough and cold symptoms, improve digestion, and nourish your skin. This is only when the honey you are using is free from impurities and adulteration.

Using the above-mentioned tests, you can easily ensure the honey you have just paid a heavy price for is pure. Just remember to always buy Kashmiri honey from a reputable and reliable source. 

And even after that, it is a good idea to do these tests to clear your doubts about the quality and purity of the product you just paid a heavy price for.

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